Travta Return Policy

Order cancellation

All orders can be canceled until they are processed and shipped. Once the packaging and shipping process has started, it can no longer be canceled.


Our primary goal is to make your customers happy, so everyone who shops with you receives the following guarantees:

  • Refund if the item is not as described or damaged;
  • Refund minus the shipping cost if the customer does not want the product he received. The customer must return the item at his expense to our warehouse, and the item must be unused.
  • Refunds are not available under the following circumstances:

Your order does not arrive due to an incorrect address provided by you.
Your order does not arrive due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control (e.g., delayed by a natural disaster).

How do refunds, returns, and exchanges work on travta?

  • If you received a damaged or incorrect product, you are required to submit photo evidence within 7 days of receiving the item. If the claim is approved, a refund will be issued.
  • If the product packaging is damaged, but the product itself is intact, you need to submit a claim to the carrier directly.
  • If a package is delivered (based on tracking number update) but you claim that you did not receive the item, you should directly submit a claim to the shipping carrier. Your order will be deemed delivered and in satisfactory condition if you do not report the issue within the time frame.
  • If you experienced any of the above scenarios, you must report the issue within 7 days of receipt. Otherwise, you agree that the product is deemed delivered and satisfactory.

How do I request a refund, return, or exchange?

  • In the event of a refund, return, or exchange request, please get in touch with our Customers Support team via email at and include the evidence if required.
  • After we have approved the order refund, return, or exchange, the product must be returned to our warehouse address and provide a tracking number for the returned product.
  • Once we have received the returned product, a replacement product will be shipped, or a refund minus the shipping cost will be credited back to the card or original payment method on file.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us at